10 Components of effective clinical epidemiology: How to get started

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  • Format Audio, Lessons, Texts
  • Language/s English
  • Target Audience Further education
  • EBM Stage 0 - Why EBM?
  • Duration 5-15 mins
  • Difficulty Advanced

Key Concepts addressed


Undertaking effective clinical epidemiological investigations requires a range of skills and also some key steps which are highlighted in the presentation and the podcast.

10 components of effective clinical epidemiology

1. What’s the problem that interests you?
2. Undertake Systematic overview of the field
3. Defining the question – the hardest bit
4. Start and end with a systematic review
5. Identify gaps in your skills
6. Develop further research questions
7. Look for methodological issues
8. Look for effects in real world populations
9. Develop collaborations: it takes at least two people
10.Get organized


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