Interactive PowerPoint Presentation about Clinical Trials

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  • Format Lessons
  • Language/s English
  • Target Audience Further education, Self-directed learning
  • Difficulty Introductory

Key Concepts addressed


An interactive Powerpoint presentation for people thinking about participating in a clinical trial or interested in learning about them.

The European Communication on Research Awareness Needs (ECRAN) Project has created two lay-friendly resources explaining clinical trials for people who want to know more about them:

  1. a 5-minute animated film available in 23 languages, and
  2. an interactive PowerPoint presentation for people considering whether to participate in clinical trials.

In this video, Iain Chalmers introduces the slides, which can be downloaded below.

The slide presentation uses a PowerPoint slide show file format with macros enabled.


“Clinical trials” is a PowerPoint slide presentation for patients or a lay audience.  The presentation covers:

  • What are clinical trials?
  • Why are clinical trials important
  • Are you considering enrolling in a clinical trial?
  • The clinical trial process
  • Informed consent
  • Rights and protections
  • Trials registers

The format works well as a self-directed presentation or as a teaching aid.  The presentation uses interactive self-test questions as you go along to make sure that you’ve been paying attention!

Another great feature of this resource is that it is pitched at the right level.  It doesn’t overload you with too much information.  At the same time, they have managed to cover all the bases.


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