EBP-process in practice: the ‘Nurse Case Review’

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Nurses a hospital department observe an uncertainty and formulate a PICO under supervision of an expert and ultimately provide better care.

  • Format Videos
  • Language/s Dutch, English
  • Target Audience Further education, Self-directed learning
  • EBM Stage 0 - Why EBM?, 1 - Asking focused questions
  • Duration 5-15 mins
  • Difficulty Introductory


The video is useful to show how nurses on a hospital ward put the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) process into practice. The “case review meeting” (Dutch: Dossierbespreking) is one of several options to utilise the EBP-process within the hospital ward or any other team of healthcare professionals.

From the stage of uncertainty, nurses discuss which questions need an answer. After that, they formulate a PICO-question and determine who is going to do the literature search and will report back to the group.

The first example is about whether swaddling works to reduce a baby’s behaviour of crying, compared with rest and regularity. In the second example, a patient has undergone a craniotomy and wants to wash her hair after the surgery. The protocol prescribes to wait with washing until the stitches can be removed.

For both (clinical) uncertainties, the nurses formulate a PICO question which they answer based on the evidence they find.
Comments and clarifications of an EBP-expert intersperse the scenes with the nurses discussing their uncertainties, formulating questions and discussing their experiences.

The video is made at the Amsterdam University Medical Centre (Amsterdam UMC) in the Netherlands, spoken in Dutch and subtitled in English.


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