Tips and tricks in performing a systematic review

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  • Format Texts
  • Language/s English
  • Target Audience Further education
  • EBM Stage 1 - Asking focused questions, 2 - Finding the evidence, 3 - Appraising evidence
  • Duration <5 mins
  • Difficulty Intermediate

Key Concepts addressed


Why do, and what to do when starting a systematic review

Frequently people ask what is a systematic review, what is the point, how does it differ from a normal literature review or meta-analysis, and what is the first thing I do to get started?

To address the first point, a systematic review is: a systematic search of literature through designated and clearly defined sources, followed by systematic data analysis and explanation. It differs from a literature review because a literature review may only include articles that the
author(s) know about and that support their beliefs. Therefore, the systematic review is supposed to be an unbiased and replicable representation of current knowledge with reference to a particular topic.

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